One thought on “Centenary Stitches at The National Archives”

  1. I was 7 years old when WW2 broke out and at some point during it I used to knit scarves for the Armed Services. I also taught my grandmother how to knit. Although she was a superb needlewoman she’d never managed to learn to knit, but we did have to check her scarves as they tended to grow in the number of stitches in a row. I continued to knit after I’d become a Deck Boy in the Merchant Navy and knitted a pair of socks on two needles for one of the AB’s who promised to pay me at the end of the trip, but he never did. Can anyone remember the name of James Norbury who published kitting patterns. I did one of his, a lacy top for a pen-friend of mine which started from the top, had cape sleeves and at one point had several hundred stitches on the needles. One day, the knob on the end of one shot off !!

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